18 May 2007

We're going camping.

She's over 1 1/2 now, so I've decide to pack her, a borrowed tent, some 30 year old foam mattresses, a bag of diapers and a few clothes, and a jar of peanut butter into the old Mazda and go out to the wilds of a Minnesota State Park. For two nights. Shaun keeps pointing out that we don't have to stay for two nights, if everything goes horribly wrong. But I've already paid for two nights, so I'm pretty sure it would take a tornado to get me to leave.

We'll see. Sometimes V can be very tornado like.

So in the next three hours before we leave, this is what is left to do:
1. Bathe. Both of us. Because we don't want to scare off any exciting wildlife with our stench.
2. Find a tarp to put under the tent so the moisture of this park doesn't all soak into our sanctuary-like dwelling.
3. Roll up bedding so it's not impossible to tote to the campsite.
4. Take a nap.
5. Put the kid in the car and drive 81.3 miles.
6. Enjoy.
I'll be back Sunday with what will hopefully be a joyful and entertaining run-down of the weekend excitement. Wish us luck.


Cricket said...

I hope you didn't get rained out!

Tenessa said...

I'll be awaiting word that you both lived to tell this story.