08 May 2007

My dear stalkers...

Hi, stalker friends. Those of you who want to hear back from me who don't use Blogger should include in your comment some way to reach you: Pete and Laurie, for example, I know you commented ages ago, and we love and miss you and have your wedding picture on our fridge, but we don't have a way to reach you.

And Sam? I hope you're my former student Sam, and not some one I forgot I dated at one time...but I can't find a way to reach you, either.

If you are squeamish about leaving a blogpost comment that includes an e-mail address, well, you can reach me at johnsonnumber9 (at) yahoo (dot) com. [edited to take out creepy rant...please disregard...]
For those of you not stalking me or who already know how to reach me, here's a picture, because what's the point of a post without a picture? This one is from the zoo, too, and her t-shirt has a little chick and a broken egg, and says "You crack me up." And she does crack me up, all the time.

1 comment:

Sam said...

For the record -- my stalking was in a noncreeper sort of way.

skaiser1@uoregon.edu is my email address still. And for the record, I tried to call a few weeks ago but failed to leave a number like a moron.

Perhaps I should send you some pepper spray and a taser as a 4th of July gift?