20 July 2006

Who put the alphabet in alphabetical order?

That's a song from They Might Be Giants, and if you've heard it, you've got it stuck in your head right now. Bwah ha ha ha.

Cricket over at repurpose has done her "Letter B" likes and dislikes, and since I don't wanna be behind in the alphabet, here's mine:

1. Blue
2. Bacon (ooh. I love bacon. I was a vegetarian for a year and had to come back to the carnivore side just for the bacon)
3. Beer. Man, I miss beer.
4. Burping (geez, i sound like a hick. I love bacon, beer, & burping? classy.)
5. Black beans and rice
6. Blah blah babycakes

1. Our old Buick, which needs a new muffler
2. George Bush
3. burnt chocolate cake
4. the bubonic plague
5. beastiality


Cricket said...

Yeah. I hate George Bush and beastiality too. I just forgot them on my list. Thanks for reminding me.

Glee said...

Both of you can stop pretending. Everyone knows how much you love bestiality.