28 July 2006

Octopus Parade

A week ago today, Shaun and I and V hauled 10 octopi (octopusses?) to Hendrum for Hendrum's SummerFest. Tables for selling stuff were free (!) so we had just the time investment. I sold 4 large octopi, 2 little ones, and 2 starfish. Also five pairs of earrings, for a total gross income of about $103. This was fun, low-pressure, and rewarding.

Pictured above are 2 of the octopi, both of which are now sold, and a couple of starfish. I should probably mention that most of our sales were to family members, but to be honest, much of Hendrum is related to me, and hey, their money is as good as anyone's.

I'll post more pictures if I can get Blogger to cooperate. Thank you for your support.

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Cricket said...

Ok, where'd you get the pattern? And the patience to do all that turning?

Cute, cute, cute. Love, love, love.