28 July 2006

More octopi for your viewing pleasure

But first, a shameless baby picture: I never expected to be the kind of momma who liked to do her daughter's hair, but how cute are these pigtails? In this photo, V's eating a Club cracker at the Fryn Pan. I think she's concentrating so hard because it was her first Club cracker, and she wanted to do it right.

Here are a few more octopi...the light blue one with the closed eyes is out of alova suede and a summery cotton print underneath. The one on the far right is an orange, yellow, brown and white batik with brown velveteen on the bottom, and the octopus on the left is out of soft silver velvet with purple cotton that's printed with silver stars on the bottom. Depending on the fabric used, each octopus has different results: the alova suede makes the legs curl up adorably; the velvet makes the legs have sort of a candy-cane sworl pattern (as you can kind of see here). Velveteen is a bear to sew with but doesn't make the legs curl or twist, at least as far as I can tell.

I'll try to get a couple of close ups of the remaining octopi, if I can bear the heat outside....Stay tuned.

Update: Okay, it's too hot to go outside. Seriously, people. But you can click on the pictures to see larger images. The pattern is from this book, Adventures in Toy Making by Gillian Bradshaw Smith , which I bought at the Dakota Boy's Ranch (a local thrift store) 3 years ago or so. I paid no more than 50 cents, I'm sure. I enlarged the octopus to about 200%...she calls for about 400%, but who needs an octopus bigger than a 2 year old? Maybe when V actually IS 2 years old.

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Cricket said...

It looks like she did a bang-up job on the Club. My husband has a strange obsession with Oscar's hair, so I think you should chat with him in regards to hair fun.

Good lord it is hot. Put those poor octopi in a pool.