03 March 2012

Winter fun

Last week, we had a lovely little Wednesday snow day, so V and I and Seven went outside to play. We had big snowperson plans: so big, V was a little scared it might fall on her. I assured her I was an excellent snowperson builder. And Seven was very, very excited.

Making snow angels:
 Our snowman. Isn't he handsome? And enormous.....
 ...ly tiny.
 (Shut up. The snow didn't stick as well as we thought it would).

Except to Seven. Poor Seven could barely walk by the time we went in. It took him three hours to thaw out, and he spread wet-dog-smelling snow water all over the house in the process.

All in all, a successful snow day adventure. Even with all the wet doginess, and the tiny, tiny snowperson.  What's your favorite thing to do outside?

1 comment:

Tom said...

...probably having something to do with beer, brats and fire.