14 February 2010

So many posts, so little time...

Oh, dear readers. I know you feel neglected. It's not that I'm not interested in you, honest. On my camera right now are photos for 4 or 5 new blog posts. In my head are the start of several more. But the work laptop got sick, and then we went out of town, and here we are, a full week of no posts and more days to go.

In the meantime, I'll tempt you with upcoming topics.
1. We got a new (to us) car! It's shiny!
2. I'm obsessed with finding the perfect airfreshener and making accessories for #1.
3. Myra had a birthday party.
4. Winter photos of rusty things. Because it's that time of year.
5. William Carlos Williams references. And maybe some Charlie Daniels. And a little Janis Joplin and Frida Kahlo, to show how balanced I am.

So stay tuned, Languishers! There is more to come! And when I can provide photos again, I won't have to rely on exclamation points to keep you reading! Think of the adventures we'll all have together!

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