25 January 2010

Quilts of our lives, part III

This is a quilt we use every single day, and it's also one I didn't make. Our dear friend Jeni made it, as a housewarming gift. When Jeni and Tami came to visit our house for the first time, in June 2002, they brought this beautiful Bulls-eye Quilt with them. And since we had decided that very week to get married the following Wednesday, it quickly turned into an engagement/wedding gift. As I recall, she made this from the cut-outs of another bulls-eye quilt, for her sister's wedding. I love this quilt, because I had just a few months earlier talked Jeni through the process of this pattern, which is a fun technique that looks a lot harder than it is. I adore the fabrics she chose for this quilt, and I wouldn't have thought to put these together. I love the corner circles, the double borders, and the blue and red flowered background (which you can peek in the first photo...).
It's the only quilt in our TV room, and I or Shaun use it every day for sure from fall to spring, and I use it most days in the summer, too.
It is so much more than just a blanket: everytime I use it, or fold it up before we go to bed, or hang it out on the line on wash day, I think of my Jeni, and miss her (as she lives in the Minneapolis), and I'm so thankful that she is in my life.

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