04 January 2010

Happy New Year!

Insert thoughtful, year-reflecting post here. Or perhaps a rousing summary of holiday festivities. Either way.

Winter screws with me so much because we have two options: sunshine and bitter cold, or bleak greyness and milder cold. When I want to take outdoor photos, the light's better in the bitter cold. But then I'm out in the bitter cold.I'd rather sit on the couch with this little sprout, in the early morning light.
And take pictures of the outdoors through the window.

Today was my semi-annual holy-crap-break's-almost-over-and-I've-done-nothing-whatsoever-that-I-meant-to-do-over-break freakout. So I'm going to take an official blog break (instead of my usual unintended/unofficial/I'm just lazy break). Classes resume on the 11th, and I should be back shortly thereafter. Please don't despair, dear readers. Hope your New Year is bright and not too cold.

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Anonymous said...

I'm missing your blog...!