22 November 2009

Uncle Steve!

Two weeks ago, when Uncle Steve called and asked if we'd be around this weekend, V burst into tears when she found out he wasn't coming over RIGHT THIS SECOND. Most mornings since, she'd wake up and say "Is Uncle Steve coming today?" So it was no surprise that when he arrived on Friday, someone was very, very excited. For the first hour or so, she mostly fluttered around him and giggled.
Soon, though, that gave way to wordgames and laughing and extreme amounts of silliness. ("You're a force to be reckoned with," Uncle Steve told V. "It's because I'm four!" V explained). It was the kind of weekend where we didn't even try to stick to our usual schedule, because the joy that is Uncle Steve made it impossible. I think it helps that, at 4 and 30, the two of them think alike quite a bit. And Uncle Steve has had three months to save up energy to swing V around and play roller coaster and Swiss Family Robinson.

She misses him already.


Jess said...

Looks like Devon feels the same way. Good ol' Unca Steve.

edit_the_sad_parts04 said...

he misses her too.