28 November 2009

From the mouths of babes

Yesterday, I heard V's voice from the kitchen, where some of the leftovers from Thanksgiving had been sitting for about 28 hours:
"Mama, what's in that pot on the stove?"
"It's cold gravy, honey. Why?"
"Because it doesn't taste like chocolate."

Today, from the dining room, in a melodramatic, swoony voice: "Mom, I think I'm falling in love with cream cheese."

So much hilarity in one little person.


Megan said...

Oh goodness! I love it! Oh - and I'm with V on this one...cream cheese is amazing.

Jennifer said...

And also, gravy does NOT taste like chocolate. Sadly.

Ed said...

Precious! V is a gem.

Nikki Cardigan said...

I love the reminders of how simple life once was.