25 April 2009

Spring was lovely. And now it's gone.

But we enjoyed it while it was here.
We are fortunate enough to live within a few blocks of several fancy playgrounds, and for about a week, we saw a different one almost every day.

She has no fear at all yet, about anything. It's wonderful and terrifying all at once, and I'm trying hard not to let my fears become hers. She's at the fiercely independent yet terribly needy and clingy stage.
And more and more she plays on her own, oblivious to me except for when she turns away from the camera to keep me from getting the photo I want.

She's still so little, but I can glimpse the other side, when I'll be on the outside looking in.

It's still a ways off, though, so long as she can sit in the baby swings, and even prefers them; she says "Higher, mama! But not too high..."
I push, and she laughs, and I laugh too.

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