21 February 2009

Jeez, where've ya been?

I've been on Facebook. I realize I'm about 4 years behind the curve, and really, I find the blog a more satisfying communication form. But...well, it's likely most of you already understand the lure of Facebook, so I won't go into it. I'm not proud of myself. It's just how it is.

If you were hoping for a blog post with substance or positivity, you should go here instead.

In related news, this is one of my new favorite blogs. Be careful, though: I often find myself laughing out loud. Normally this is fine, but when I'm at work and Sara (who shares a cubicle wall with me) has a student in her office and I suddenly guffaw, um, it's awkward. I can't help it if I think a blog about cakes gone wrong is a fabulous idea. Really. Plus, it makes me hungry for buttercream frosting.

I have about 6 posts floating around in my brain. I just need to find the time/energy/right mix of liquor to get them out. Until then, don't despair, Languishers. I'm here. I'm cold and ornery and I hate February, but I'm still here.

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