10 February 2009

February planting time

When I taught in Crookston, every Friday was Plant Sale Friday, and for $1 or $2, you could buy a variety of funny little plants. Most of the plants in our picture window are from there, even though it's been four years since I got to go to Plant Sale Friday. I don't know that this proves I have a green thumb so much as shows the hardiness of Crookston's plants.
February is so bleak, I can barely stand it. So this weekend V and I got inspired to try something different. I bought two bags of soil, pulled two overgrown pots of some type of aloe-vera (I think) from our picture windowsill, and we went to work.V put marbles in the bottom of our thrift-store pots, to help with drainage, and then scooped dirt from one container to another. We got good and dirty. Since it was a long process, we had to snack, too, so you'll note the nearby animal crackers.It was really fun to do this with V. She gets excited about getting dirty inside, and likes pouring and scooping stuff. I tried to play teacher and talk to her about roots and sunlight and water and the nutrition plants get from soil, but she mostly wanted to play. I can think of nothing better to chase away the midwinter blues than playing in dirt, can you?

So two overgrown pots became seven reasonable ones. The one on the far right got taken to school today (V loves the mason jar, because she can see the dirt), and the middle orange one went to Grandma Myra's, but the rest are available for adoption. Who wants a nice new plant?


J. Beyer said...

I sure could use a plant to chase the Feb. gloom away :) Will happily exchange for slip from an crawler-type plant if you'd like!

PS I love the confirmation word I must enter to process this comment: squidgi. That is describes February quite well this year, donchya think?

Megan said...

In response to your comment on my page: I'm definitely most excited about the new house. The other two are a tie, I think, and a close second at that.

I've been thinking I may need a plant to green up my new living space! I've got sketchy luck with plants, though, so if you think one of your aloe babies are up to the challenge, I'll adopt one.