08 September 2008

The face V gets when we take her to church

I know. Scary.


Deron Arnold said...

I have yet to meet a three year old who "enjoys" church. My boys can only take it for about 15 minutes.

But they do like Sunday School (once they get there and get over there natural shyness).

Congrats on V's 3rd. What a great age!

BTW - is Auntie sleeping? I can't tell.

Deron Arnold said...

Oops! I used "there" incorrectly. How embarassing on an English major's blog.

The other day I got into a blog war with a guy who didn't think we needed grammatical rules. He thought they just made us haughty and possibly even racist.

Jennifer said...

"There" is one of my downfalls, along with "choose/chose" and "loose/lose." Nothing to be embarrassed about. If you'd like I could make nonsense medical assertions of some sort.

Oh, Myra does look like she's sleeping! Oops. She's looking down at a reading she is about to do (this was at Dick and Marcia's renewal of vows Friday before last).

Deron Arnold said...

I'm sorry I missed the renewal of vows. I look forward to the time when I can travel again and attend some of our family functions.