23 September 2008

Bright lights, big city (a marathon of a post)

Myra and I and V went to Minneapolis this past weekend. Now, all of you whom I was supposed to see but didn't should take a deep breath, stop hating me, and read the rest of this. Because you will thank me, in the end, for not bringing our weekend vibes into your life.

For the first 103 miles, V screamed almost non-stop. I wish I was exaggerating, but she was exhausted and wouldn't sleep in the car, and I felt like turning back to home 206 times or so. But we had a wedding to go to on Saturday, and a birthday party on Sunday, and Myra was with us, and darn it, if I turned around then, the terrorist would win.

So we pressed on. One stop at a nearby Target and two complete meltdowns later, we were back in the car (V in her jammies, this time) and she was sound asleep before we were out of the Target parking lot.

The next morning found Myra and Kathy (our gracious hostess) checking out the new boulevard garden, with V toddling along behind.
For me, though, the weekend was pretty much already shot. I mean, any sane person would've downed a pint of whiskey and moved on, but it was just not an option this weekend. The thing is, V was really largely pleasant after the car ride from hell.

Above are some of our friends from brunch, where there was bacon and laughing and three tired mamas with their energetic daughters and two grandmas happy not to be in the "tired mama" camp any more.

Here are photos from the wedding (which reminds me: can Em or Jen or Kathy e-mail the information for Meagan's flickr page so I can add these?). Though I loved our wedding, I tell you what, I loved this wedding, too. Gunny sacks, squash, and candy corn decorations? And check out that awesome red flower (which I think is called a cock's comb, but makes me think of bloody brains). Luscious decorations at a park pavillion on a gorgeous early autumn (technically end of summer) day.
I love this picture of Mark. I remember the day he was born.
The bride and groom. Please note the bouquet: it's a bunch of beets. How brilliant is that? I love beet bouquets, and I didn't even know it.

Here is fearless V on the monkey bars.

Such joy and bravery, eh?

Until the ride home, when the screaming recommenced.

Out of desperation, Grandma Myra sat in the backseat and read the three books we had along over and over and over.

If Grandma hadn't been there? I would probably have parked the car and just started walking, alone, praying for a bus to run me over.

Three looks like it's gonna be a doozy of a year.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jen and my sweet V....I do mean that. I know she has her moments of meltdown but she is truely a very imaginative, bright little girl who always gives me such wonderful hugs around whatever part of my body is available and an endearing smile to go along with the hug. I enjoyed your visit and the weekend immensly, except being whipped at cards by your mom. We were so pleased you were able to come and celebrate with us for Phil and Meagan...the brunch also was very fun; that is because we are the grandmas and I so love the photo of Mark "my little 6ft 3 baby"....I remember how excited I was when he was born even if he was 9 years younger than the next youngest...he was the child of our old age. Love you folks el mucho. Kathleen A.

Megan said...

Oh my. I can completely comprehend the sort of mental state you were in during that car ride. Every three months or so we drive 6 1/2 hours to see Matt's parents near Omaha, NE. The last time we made the journey, Avery screamed for about an hour, exhausted himself, fell asleep for about half an hour, and woke up screaming for another hour...repeating this process until we arrived at my in-laws'.

I have never so desperately wanted to stay in one place forever as I did that day.

And the even more exasperating part? He did the same thing all the way back home.

*It's a good thing we have these events documented, so our children can apologize every day once they hit adulthood. :) We deserve the grandest trophy, the longest bubble bath, and the very best masseuse this world has to offer. Until we get that, however, we'll just have to keep pluggin' along.

The Arffs said...


I'm a friend of Jess (charlotte) and I just wanted to tell you I love reading your blog. Whenever I need to laugh I have to read it. You have a great sense of humor. BTW, your daughter is adorable.
Take care!

Dawn Mason said...

I enjoyed this one! I think this is an excellent time in your life for people to come and see you!! Megan has now moved from constantly crying to constantly asking, "Are we at grandma's yet?" I think that might be slightly better.