07 July 2007

I'll Benevolent Idealist you.

As if this weren't already obvious....the website PersonalDNA says I'm a benevolent idealist. Why do I waste my time on quizzes that, if they're any good, tell me stuff I already know, and if they're not any good, just piss me off?

I do feel this one gets a bit personal, saying I'm very confident but not open to others, and that I'm into neither authoritarianism nor style. Hm. Take the test and tell me what you turn out to be, so I can find out what else is out there. (The site says it'll take 30 minutes, but if you can read at a reasonable rate it won't take you that long). And Tami, if you're reading this, they allow for lots of grey areas: most of the questions are on scales, not true/false.

Only one question made me nervous in a "patriot act" sorta way: when I had to place myself on a grid of liberal/conservative in terms of social/fiscal issues. I shoved myself up into the far corner (benevolent idealist indeed!) but paused; if my answers were being recorded for posterity, at least I hope nobody was wasting paper printing them out.

I got some photos developed from the 35mm with a CD. Once I find where I put it I'll try to post more pictures. In the meantime, don't take advantage of my benevolent idealism, and go take that test.

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