27 June 2007

Jack Kerouac stole my camera (and welcome to the world, Friday!)

On Monday, our best friends in the whole wide world had their second son. Above is Tenessa (and the soon-to-be-born boychild), from our adventure at Clare's Well two weeks ago (Clare's Well post to come later). Isn't she gorgeous? Then on Tuesday, $haun and I celebrated our fifth wedding anniversary, and thirty seven years ago today my parents got married. Whoo-doggies.

My point is, this late June time is just ripe with happiness. (Unless you're in the Benoit family, but that's neither here nor there. Though I don't want to get into this, I must say that I'm concerned that the Benoit family ordeal will be attributed to pro wrestling or steroids, and though both of those may have contributed, it's clear the man went, as $ likes to say, "bat-shit crazy." Mental health is not so easily explainable, and certainly I know a lot of depressed (treated and untreated) folks who have never harmed themselves or their families...but nobody just hauls off and does what Benoit did without serious, tragic imbalances).

Right. I did say I didn't want to get into that, didn't I?

I've heard from lots of people I love dearly lately, many of whom have commented on my lack of posting here. Das tut mir leid, meine liebchens. I ....well, I lost our digital camera. In Boston. Er, on a trip to Boston, wherein we took a detour to Lowell, Kerouac's hometown, to see the amazing scroll upon which he originally typed the first full draft of On the Road. It was so breathtaking, so tingle-making, I walked away from over 100 pictures of my first trip without family in seven years. I was optimistic, at first. Left my name and number with 5 different people in Lowell. I figured anyone who cared enough to come to the Boott Cotton Mill in Lowell, Massachusetts to see a Beat Generation historical document would be the kind of person to turn in an inexpensive, already far outdated Kodak C330 digital camera with over 100 dorky tourist pictures on it, including about 20 of the interstate between Boston and Lowell. But no. Apparently Kerouac attracts the sort of folks who walk off with a nice Minnesota girl's camera.

Plus, they had free beers at the reception, and I managed to get four of them. I really blame Boott Cotton Mills. To make a long story slightly less long, it's hard to post when I have no fabulous pictures to show. It's sad to think about what some crazy Beat jerk(that sounds dirtier than I mean it to) is doing with my Kodak C330. But I love you guys, and apparently a few of you are out there. So I'll do the best I can with what I have.

So here's V, two days before I left for Boston, concentrating really hard on pouring water from her cup into a variety of buckets (and eventually on herself). I like the different white shapes behind her, her deep concentration, and the way her feet are spread apart to keep her from falling down. 21 months is a good age for this child.
Finally, here is the last photo uploaded before I went to Boston. A peony from our backyard. Like my Kodak C330, the peonies are all gone now, too. Sniff.

I fully intend to post something less pathetic in the near future: it would help if I knew how to get photos off my phone onto my computer. Send tech help, if you would.
Until then, peace out.

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