14 April 2007

All quiet on the western front

Just a quick evening post, with a promise of more in the next couple of days (including pictures, for a change...). The procedure went very well, and though all three of us were worn clear out by Thursday evening, Miss V was told at least 3 dozen times that she was "a real trooper!" and "such a cutie!" I'm afraid she'll want to return to the hospital more often. She was awfully adorable in her tiny little Tasmanian Devil robe and Ronald McDonald pajamas.

So V's wee heart is fixed, we're slowly catching up on our sleep, and we thank everyone for their sweet, healing vibes y'all sent. We felt them, truly. Well, V and I did...Shaun, not so much. And so it goes.

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Cricket said...

Yeah! Glad to know you are all doing fine. We think about you guys everyday anyhow, but last week we were really upping our G-love minutes. Let's do something together soon!