08 August 2006

Thrift store magic

A little thrift store shopping + $9.35 brought this pile o' stuff home with me. Here's the before sorting picture.

The fabric on the left is 2 1/2 yards of vintage something or other...I know it's vintage because it's 36" wide and gorgeous. The photo doesn't clearly show the shiny goldness of this fabric. I think it will make a lovely lining for a bag, and/or a little dress for V. The fabric on the right is part of a twin-sized duvet cover (and it came with a matching pillow sham), new from Target, which gives their overstock to one group of thrift stores in town. It's heavy cotton, almost denim-like, and the back is solid black. It's awesome.

In the middle is, as far as I can tell, a Gomez Addams doll. I love him, and I think every red-blooded American girl should have a Gomez Addams doll to play with. You'll notice Gomez is admiring a pile of notions. Here's the pile, sorted neatly.

It was a grab-bag, and here is the list of what was inside.
  • 1 package quilt binding
  • 3 pkgs single-fold bias tape
  • 6 pkgs double-fold bias tape
  • 6 pkgs flexi-lace hem tape *
  • 8 pkgs seam binding *
  • 1 pkg seam tape *
  • 2 pkgs hem tapes *
  • 6 pkgs hem facings *
  • 2 pkgs blanket binding
  • 9 pkgs rick-rack
  • 3 pkgs middy braid *
  • 6 pkgs biased & corded piping
  • 1 waistband skirt elastic
  • 3 zippers
  • 2 religious magnets *
Now, about 3 of these are faded or discolored, to the point where I might need to dye them in order to use them. And the ones with asterisks? I don't know what those can do...except the middy braid, which actually explains itself on the package. But still, I got 45 items! for $2.50! Which equals...less than 6 cents each. And I've been using gobs of bias tape binding lately, so this was a wise investment. Plus, now I can learn how to cord things in 5 different colors.

To sum up:
Notions grab bag: $2.50
Vintage fabric: $2
Duvet cover: $4
Gomez doll: $ .50
Tax: $ .35

Total: $9.35

Oh, goddess of thrift store shopping, thank you for your kindness.

Expect pictures of fancy things made with these notions in the near future.

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Cricket said...

I am in serious need of a thrifting fix. I actually have used a large amount of my stash of thrifted goodies, so I won't even feel guilty about it!

Wanna thrift and lunch on Wednesday? Let me know! Or have you bought up all the good stuff?