07 April 2006

Pictures for my demanding masses

V loves to stick out her tongue. I think she looks a little like Dom DeLouise in that picture.

Myra took this picture of the two of us together. V's wearing a onesie from her great-aunt Joy, from Blue Nile Clothing, and it's organic cotton and I love it. I'm wearing a fancy bell-sleeved shirt I got at Lane Bryant 9 years ago. When I go to the bathroom I have to be very careful with those bell sleeves.

Here is her first "real food" feeding. She looks sorta scared, but really she's just got a mouth full of rice cereal. Then again, Daddy's feeding her, and maybe she's thinking about spitting cereal in his beard.

More pictures to come. Ask and ye shall recieve....which reminds me, why is everyone so surprised about the new Judas gospel? I mean, yeah, okay, a new gospel is big news, but I never understood why everyone was so anti-Judas. How else was Jesus going to wash away our sins, if he kept on living? Someone had to give him up to save the whole wide world. Or whatever.

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