07 April 2006

Family time

We spent last weekend at Shaun's parents house, which is always so fun. They live on a lake (which is still frozen, of course) but also have a HOT TUB, which I should take pictures of, since we love it so much. Anyway, here is V with her Grandma Mary, and here with Grandpa David.

This week spring has started, finally, and we took V out on a walk for the first time. We just strolled down our street and back up again, and she started fussing at the end, but overall it was really fun. She's wearing her spring coat from Grandma Mary and her beautiful knit hat from Mary Ellen. Daddy's wearing a grungy hat from the Baseball Hall of Fame that my mom got for him. Well, she actually made my Uncle Rick and Aunt Bev pick it out, because what does she care about the baseball hall of fame? I don't know when this blog became a fashion show....I suppose it's only natural, since we are so fashion minded in this family.

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