01 November 2012

I'm baaaaack.....

So a Viking, Frida Kahlo, and Merpunzel walk into a bar.....
or at least into Robby's photography studio. We had such a lovely time at Sarah & Robby's annual Halloween bash. And it was their Cousin Ben, I believe who coined "Merpunzel:" V is both Rapunzel and a mermaid. Of course. 

On Wednesday, she chose to just be Rapunzel ('cause it's hard to walk in a  mermaid tail), and we again trick or treated in my hometown with V's cousins. Luckily, Hendrum is still generous with the candy.
All three Johnson cousins wore sweatshirts I'd embellished for them. They can spell WEV, or EWV, or VEW, but I love them any which way.

So much fun for our wacky little Mer/Rapunzel, Iron Man, and Supergirl.

Hope your Halloween was happy, gentle readers. As you can see, I found my camera, so let's see what happens next, shall we?

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Anonymous said...

I think Will is what Noah was for the big night. Oliver was a swamp monester....my kind of guy, all green and slimeyyyy looking. It reminded me of the old movie the creature from the black lagoon. Kathy S