02 May 2008

Blogs in which I enjoy partaking

I know the last post was kinda cryptic, but that's how it will stand for sometime. Sorry. I will tell you this: when fear permeates every single cell of your body, you get really tired.

So there you go.

Since I can't say more on that, I thought I'd distract you with shiny objects. Here's a list of my top 9 favorite blogs, in no particular order.

1. Soulemama. I have talked about her before, but seriously, folks, if you haven't checked her out yet, you oughta. Unless you don't have kids and/or hate nature. She has a daughter just 4 days younger than mine (plus two sons) and is the author of The Creative Family, a book I whole heartedly recommend. (In the interest of full disclosure, she is also one of the reasons I took a break from the blogosphere, because her life appears too perfect sometimes.)

2. Garden Rant. Because it is spring, and I need inspiration, I sought out gardening blogs, and this was one that I found that I really enjoy. It is not area specific, which isn't so cool since I am on the border between zone 3 & 4 (i.e. 45 day growing season, practically), but it is anti-all kinds of ucky things, like pesticides and too-perfect gardens and stuff that makes me crabby. So I like it.

3. WantNot. Mercy, I almost forgot WantNot. This is a blog that leads me into temptation, but I'm learning to resist. Mir (the author) brought me to V's birthday pedal car last fall, so she's got a guaranteed place in my heart forever.

4. Inside a Black Apple: though she hasn't been posting quite so often lately, Emily Martin has my dream job, if I could paint or was at all self-motivated.

5. Doll: To a woman who aspires to be a doll maker someday, Mimi Kirchner is a tremendous inspiration. Check out her tattooed men.

6. My Handbound Books: As with #5, to a woman who aspires to be a professional bookbinder someday, these books totally make me feel like a giant slacker.

7. Sweet Juniper: Sweet Juniper is written largely by one of my favorite Stay at Home Dads. He lives with his kids and lovely wife in Detroit, and takes pictures, and writes really effectively about the joys/challenges/disgustingness of parenthood. I wish he would come here and hang out with me for awhile.

8. Sew Liberated: A Montessori teacher living in Mexico who is crafty and has an eye & ear for the poetic.

9. Wee Wonderfuls: Though her posting has been more sporadic since the birth of her second child, Hillary still stands as one of the most creative, consistent, and amazing soft toy designers I've ever found online. I heart Wee Wonderfuls.

So there you have it, my top 9 blogs. These are the ones I will miss the most if armegeddon should come and we lose the internet. What are your favorites?

PS: I'll also tell you this, those of you who have asked about an occasional commenter here: Sam is a former student of mine, one of a handful who have turned into friends. A small handful, actually, now that I think of it. He's in grad school in London right now, and yes, I take full credit for that. Wouldn't you?

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Tenessa said...

Even though this doesn't have any patterns for creepy voodoo dolls and the like, I found a blog you need to love: http://freerangekids.wordpress.com/